The Path to Perfection

Bom Diaaaa! 

This week was good and a little frustrating but mostly good :)

Our teaching pool has dried up a little bit so this week we´re going to focus on talking to anyone and everyone and finding some new people to teach :)

This week our zone had interviews with President Bonini (every-other transfer) and it was awesome! He´s the greatest and I love him.

I realized on the way there that i´m feeling hecka Brazilian... I don´t even get nervous to hop on the city bus anymore. I´m basically native... except for the eyes. The eyes always give me away ("are you from Germany?" asks literally every random stranger in the street)

Anyways, this week I also got to go to the neighboring area to go on splits with Sister Wilhelm <3 She´s wonderful and I love her and there´s the best bakery in Fortaleza in her area... so safe to say I was pumped. (coconut cake people <3)

I´m glad Christ had our eternal progress in mind when he commanded us to be perfect (Mathew 5:48). We can only be complete and perfect through Him and our progression toward perfection is the exact reason He came. President Packer expressed his gratitude for the Atonement, "that can purify all stains, no matter how hard they may be, or how long it takes, or how many times it is necessary. The Atonement can free us to continue on, pure and worthy."

I´m grateful for a loving and patient Savior who has my eternal potential in mind. He knows where I am and where I can go and what I can be.

wishing you a great week <3


Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain