A Reward Even Better Than Paçoquita

Bom Dia!!

So we had transfers this week! That was pretty wild! My first transfer, woohoo!

I stayed in Paracuru but my trainer got transferred to another little interior city, Itapipoca. My new trainer is Sister Meira! She´s adorable. She´s Brazilian and she´s a really good missionary. It's pretty hard to understand her but i´m excited to learn from her.

We found loooooads of awesome people this week! I´m pumped to get going teaching them and see them embrace the Gospel! It´s pretty cool to see people´s lives begin to change as they begin to keep commandments and make covenants with Heavenly Father. It´s a beautiful process.

So in the Brazil CTM we only get the name tags with the clip and I really wanted the magnet kind. My homie Sister Corell had two of the magnet kind and she kindly (in exchange for paçoquita - the only logical medium of exchange) let me use her second magnet. This required a little surgery and some (okay a lot of) superglue. The end result... I super glued my ring to my hand and two of my fingers together... luckily it only lasted for a couple of hours but I was a little nervous. But now I have a beautiful name tag with a magnet so woohoo!

Jefferson was confirmed yesterday and I felt so smiley! I was super proud of him.

My scripture for the week comes from Doctrine and Covenants 6:33-37

my personal favorites are 36 and 37 because if we look to the Lord and put our trust in him, we have no need to doubt. We need not fear. Remember him, be faithful, and keep the commandments, and the promise is the Kingdom of Heaven! Um, yeah okay. (That´s a much better exchange than paçoquita)

Heavenly Father loves each of us individually! He hears us and he responds to our prayers. Always. It's up to us to recognize His answers and ACT.

Holler at being a missionary. It´s hard and it´s wonderful!

The Church is true and thank goodness!

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain