Bibles and Buses and Miracles

Bom Dia!


This week went by so fast! 

We (Sister Myers and I) went to Itapipoca for divisions and I got to see my convert Erenice! Wow. I felt so loved when I walked into her house. It was a mad reunion <3


Miracle of the week! Last month when we were coming back from Itapipoca, I left my Bible on the bus. With all of my pictures from home, and notes from old companions and all kinds of good stuff. Heart breaks. I tried calling the company to get it back but they didn´t have any information. I finally gave up and just bought a new Bible. Then this week we were getting on the bus to go to Itapipoca and the driver stopped me and asked if I had lost my Bible - UH YEAH!

He told me he had found it and stored it in the garage in case i came looking for it. He told me to come back today and it would be at the ticket desk at the bus station.




There´s not much time this week.

Hope everyone has a gut-busting Thanksgiving <3

This week I am very very thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain