Bleached and Blessed

Thisss weeeekkkk <3

I made cookies <3 everybody loves me now.

Our bishop is suuuuch a homie (he´s also an ex- mission president and the surfer from the Brazilian conference talk). We had lunch at his house on Thursday and he made us traditional American rootbeer floats!

We´re a little bummed because Cleillson started getting weird and flaking out on our lessons (missionary heartbreaks) but he´s still interested maybe we think? We´ll see how all that goes.

But our boy Allan is all giddy for his baptism this weekend! He´s super great. And yesterday during our lesson he taught his friend how to pray! (Maybe i cried...) Plus, he cut his hair and his 3-inch-long nails to a reasonable length so he´s just making all kinds of progress :)

Starting to see the gift of tongues in Sister Meira! Haha! It´s super cool trying to help her learn English. We try to speak in English in our apartment and sometimes in the street and she´s picking it up super quick. But I´m a little nervous to skype on Mother´s Day because my English is trash... great.

In other news, my hair is getting hecka bleached...


I´m crazy about this talk by Brad Wilcox that I listened to this week.

It´s the best.

Every human being should listen to it.

Christ is everything. He is pulling with us.

I love being a missionary and seeing people come unto Him

It´s the greatest.


Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain