1 Baptism, 2 Bathrooms, and 7 Lives


Holy smokes, this week was enormous.

Jam packed. 

For starters, we went on splits this week! I got to go to the neighboring area for the day and hang out with Sister Aguilera (no relation with Christina) who´s super great.

I saw Sister Corell! And got açai for free! And got to help teach her wonderful investigators! it was lovely.

WE MOVED THIS WEEK. Praise the Senhor. Seriously. our new apartment rocks. It´s huge! (but anything would be huge compared the other one). AND *drumroll* it has 2 bathrooms! Woohoooo! we´re pumped. And grateful for elders who did all of the work.... :) yay

Allan got baptized Saturday night and was confirmed yesterday during Sacrament meeting. It was perfect and he looked super happy.

This week´s heartbreak is named Socorro. We found out she would be moving out of our area... like the day of her baptism. We got permission from President Bonini to baptize her in our area and everything was going good and smooth after that. 

We got to the baptism, Allan went first, then it was Socorro´s turn, and we learned that she has an extreme fear of water... She would not under any circumstances let them dunk her head under the water. We felt horrible, especially because she gave no indication of being afraid of the baptism. After at least 7 attempts, she gave up and said she didn´t want to get baptized anymore.

The next day she didn´t want to come to church with us and we don´t know if we´ll be able to see her anymore because of the move. Sad face.

I learned a lot about planning this week. It is critical. Haha.

I read an awesome talk this week by Elder Dallin H. Oaks about revelation and receiving guidance from Heaven.

He said:

"We will get promptings of the Spirit when we have done everything we can, when we are out in the sun working rather than sitting back in the shade praying for direction on the first step to take. Revelation comes when the children of God are on the move.

So we do all we can. Then we wait upon the Lord for His revelation."

I like that impressions come in the course of acting. When we are seeking to do what´s right we will receive ideas and light that aren´t completely ours. They are guidance from Heaven leading our steps.

This week was awesome and so busy. I feel like I´ve lived 7 lives. Haha

Speed mode is awesome


Super pumped for Mom's day!


Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain