Choose the Right Way and Be Happy

*cue - wake me up when September ends*

Exhausted. But somehow like really happy still? How does this work? 


Jam packed.

Tuesday we went on splits and I went to Aguanambi again. I´ve discovered the best popsicle. It´s filled with condensed milk. <3

The sisters had a baptism

We had interviews with President Bonini and I love that man so much.

This week I got to feed the parakeets at a recent convert´s house. She has about 25 in a huge cage. She let me grab a handful of bird seed and stick my hand in the cage. They all came in swarming haha i had about 10 parakeets perched on my fingers eating birdseed out of my hand and it was the happiest moment.

We´ve been finding some amazing families and we´re excited to see how they progress and let their testimonies blossom.

We will be going to the city hall to mark Daniel and Jamyli`s wedding today! I. AM. SO. PUMPED. FOR. THIS. WEDDING. Jamyli is the greatest person and so prepared and excited to be baptized.

Nephi taught that we "are free to act for (ourselves) - to choose the way of everlasting death or the way of eternal life" (2 Nephi 10:23). Some interesting situations from this week have caused me to think about our power of choice. Heavenly Father gave us agency so that we may be obedient by choice, not by obligation. It is not, however, a right to do whatever we please. We are free to choose. But we cannot determine the consequences that come after. I love that Heavenly Father trusts us to choose what is right. 

I love playing a role in His plan. Even though many of His children will not accept the gospel, i am helping give them an opportunity to choose.


I love being a missionary!


Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain