I Love His Love


One last Bom Dia! (I arrive back home February 22)

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It has been 18 months. And I kind of can´t believe that. It has been 18 months of high intensity growth and learning and serving. It has been 18 months of many tears and a lot more laughs and moments of great joy. Many changes, many people, and much love.

It seems as though the time passed quickly, but when I remember back to the beginning of my mission, it seems like another lifetime. I can see now, how the Lord has changed me along the way.

I have come to love Him. I thought I believed in the gospel and that I knew lots of things about God, but I only really started to know Him when I began to serve Him. He humbled me and showed me how much I really have to learn.

I have seen His miracles and His love all around me. I have witnessed Him change the lives of the people around me. His light has filled me. I love representing Him. It has been my honor and privilege to wear the name of His Son every day. I love my Savior, His gospel, and His Church. He has prepared the truth here for us so that we may have complete joy and know the way back home.

I am grateful for the question of a young boy in 1820 that spurred the Restoration of the Church of Jesus Christ. His complete and full truth is here again upon the Earth. His authority to preach and teach and heal and baptize is here upon the Earth. The Book of Mormon is His true word that compliments the Bible, expands our knowledge, and guides us to the truth.

I asked of God (James 1:5) and He answered me. It is the key. It shows us His way.

I love being a missionary.

I love Brasil.

I love His love.

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain