Life Post-Hammock

Bom Dia, Família!

Being a missionary is pretty great! It´s so weird to just be walking or doing something and have a thought to do/say something and you don´t think anything of it but then after you´re just like "Holy smokes! I just had some mega spirit prompting action!" And then you feel like a tiny little pebble and you´re amazed by God and life is just wow.

I bought a hammock this week and I think I´m going to start documenting my life by pre-hammock and post-hammock. After the Book of Mormon, it´s prob my most prized possession.

In other news we had sister training leaders staying with us in our apartment this week and went out on splits with them. It was terrifying but i learned a lot from them so I guess that´s good :)

I'm pretty pumped for this week because we have a baptism set up for the little brother of 2 of our recent converts! He´s the cutest. His name is Devid, he´s 9, he prays with sincerity and with wisdom, and I want him to be my little brother.

This week´s favorite snacks are Paçoquita (holy smokes.) and Cocada. Paçoquita is basically just the inside of a Reese´s (aka hecka good) but since Brazil doesn´t really do peanut butter (porque, Brazil?), they make my heart beat a little faster. Cocada is some kind of beautiful coconut+sweetened condensed milk creation.

Also, I've seen way too many speedos in the market.

Also, haven´t gotten sick yet #blessed

I think that´s all for this week. I love the poop out of you guys (speaking of poop, never take a good one for granted. That´s all I have to say about that...)

Have joy and have faith! All things can be done according to our faith. (Matthew 9:29) <3

Muito Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain