My 2-Month Anniversary


Happy 2 Month Anniversary to me!!

Yep, it´s true. Brazil and I have been going steady for 2 months now. It´s a beautiful relationship we have.

This week rocked. Wednesday was basically just miracle after miracle. I needed to take a nap halfway through (but I didn't because, like, obedience and stuff). 

So Paracurú found out that I love papaya and now it´s coming out of my ears. One cute grandma in our branch (seriously. she´s the cutest thing i have ever seen... I wish I could understand what the heck she ever says) brought a grocery sack to church yesterday with like 6 papayas. I could have cried.

English class on Thursday was a party and a half. We played "Don´t Eat Pete" and it went over pretty big. They´re erecting a statue in my honor.

We had two baptisms yesterday!! I´m so pumped for both of them! These ones felt a little more real to me because I was there for the whole process.

This week I have been in awe of how perfect the Lord's plan is! I love knowing that there is a bigger purpose and Heavenly Father knows exactly what He´s doing.

My favorite part of the plan this week is pre-mortality. Before we came to earth, we knew what we were getting ourselves into and supported the God's plan and chose to come here. I love this because sometimes I feel myself doubting my knowledge of the gospel and wondering if I have a strong enough testimony to be a missionary. But then I read John 14:26 (brain explosion). It talks about how the Holy Spirit will teach us all things and help us remember things we learned before. How cool! I already have a testimony of the gospel because I knew it before I came to earth.... now it's just a matter of remembering it :)

In other news, I about screamed in this little computer shack when i learned that MY SISTER IS HAVING A BOY AND I´M GOING TO BE AN AUNT! HOLY SMOKES!

Being a missionary is the coolest.


Love From Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain