Feliz Natal!


What a week! Christmas was pretty weird not being at home, but we made it fun. Sister Moura and I bought fabric and made Christmas pajamas (because obviously you can´t have Christmas without Christmas PJs) and we ordered a few pizzas for Christmas dinner (<3)

I love love love Christmas. It´s when we get to be with our families to celebrate God´s most precious gift to us, His Son. He loves us. And when we trust in Him and put our faith in Him, we can feel Him with us on the path to salvation.

I learned more about sacrifice this week. It has kind of a negative connotation, but sacrifice is pretty cool even though it can be hard some of the time. It doesn´t have to be a negative thing. God blesses us according to our abilitiy to sacrifice. When we sacrifice food and drink (fasting), he blesses us. When we sacrifice our time and talents (serving others), he blesses us. When we sacrifice our will to His (obeying commandments), he blesses us. Sometimes the sacrifice is really hard, but when we have hope and faith that His knowledge is greater than ours, we can be filled with peace and find joy in the journey <3

When you think about it, the things we´re asked to sacrifice don´t even touch the kind of sacrifice that Christ made for each of us. All of our sorrows, sins, temptations, and trials - he suffered so we don´t have to. That´s why Christmas is so special! We get to celebrate and rejoice that because of His birth, we can be whole! What a reason to party! (Someone get this girl a piece of cake!)



Love From Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain