A Smashing Start to the New Year!

Bom Dia!!!


Whooooa. What a week.

Things were a little crazy here in Paracuru for the new year. Our town is a big tourist spot so we had all kinds of party here. We had to be in our apartment during the evening of New Year's Eve and all day New Year's Day. But we celebrated with pizza and with chocolate so everything was good. The energy in our apartment got shut of at like 9:00 on New Year's Eve so that was kind of terrifying for a second, but who doesn´t like a good scare?

I remember sitting in the car on the way to the airport with Mom and Dad to leave for Sao Paulo. It was quiet and uncomfortable and in an effort to leave with a joke I made everyone take bets on when I would throw up for the first time on my mission.

Well I´m pretty sure I outlasted everyone´s bets, but let´s just say it was a week of firsts. Gotta bring in the New Year with a bang #2016 #MyYear

My birthday was pretty fun even though it was strange being away. I didn´t get a birthday donut but I did get a birthday Ovada from Sister Moura. Apparently it´s a birthday tradition to get eggs smashed on your head... it´s supposed to be a sign of affection I think... <3

We had a mini-MTC activity for the youth in our branch because they were all called to be ward missionaries (it's like serving a mission in your home congregation. Like a mini-mission)! IT WAS SO COOL! They´re all so great and i´m excited to watch them touch lives <3

I love the Gospel! I love the Church! I love the Plan! and I LOOOVE the scriptures.

It is true, it is true!

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain

PS - I´m staying in Paracurú for another transfer.