Spirit Bootcamp

OI FAMÍLIA!!!! Como vai!?? THE Missionary Training Center (MTC or CTM in Portuguese) ROCKS. It's kinda like BYU but like not as cool... but the food is way better than the Cannon Center so that makes up for almost all of it. we had Brazilian ice cream last week and it was probably the greatest moment of my whole life. My question is: why we´re not eating it every single day? Work with me people. the good news is, I'm homies with the kitchen staff, so i´ll be spending all of my free time trying to charm Rosie into hooking a sister up with some ceviche (idk how to spell it).

I got sick this week (PSA: don't share mascara with your roommate. Yes, I´m a moron). Anyways, thanks to #essentialoils, I ran the entire course of my cold in 4 days. Not even sick anymore. Holla!

My new fave things are hymns in Portuguese. They're about a thousand percent cooler. I've affectionately named the CTM Spirit Bootcamp. The devotionals are sooo good and there are so many opportunities everyday to feel Heavenly Father's love. The reason there are so many opportunities is because we´re seriously going all day long. I´m exhausted. And weirdly happy.

*eye twitches*

Our district got split this week so that was pretty sad. It's good though because we had such a big group and were all so hilarious that we basically didn't get anything done. haha. Two of my friends from BYU got to the CTM this week! it was so awesome to see them! Anyways, moral of the story, the CTM is pretty cool if you can keep yourself from getting too frustrated... I love it here and I'm excited to see more of brazil than just the same 4 walls for 12 hours a day :)