Building a Ship

Oi Família!!

Another great week at the CTM!

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I finally feel like I'm in a groove and figuring out what the heck is going on. my (fave) instructor Irmão Severo gave us a really good lesson from the Book Of Mormon this week. In the first several chapters of the Book of Mormon, God commands Nephi to build a ship. Nephi wasn't a carpenter or particularly seasoned in ship building, but he followed the will of the Lord. Sometimes God is going to ask us to "build a ship" (#learningportuguese), but if we do it His way, He will show us how and He will make it possible for us to complete His errand. We just have to be humble enough to take a faithful step into the dark and let Him lead us.

My homie, Isaac, from BYU

My homie, Isaac, from BYU

So that was pretty cool.

We went proselyting this week! Like in Brazil... like outside. It was so scary. Hello you want me to actually talk to people that don't understand my Portugenglish? Holy smokes.

But it was so fun! And went really well. My companionship talked/gave Books of Mormon to 9 people in like 45 minutes. It made me super excited to get out of the CTM.

A bunch of missionaries in Provo got their visas this week so we got several new missionaries. AKA I got a new companion. Her name is Sister Corell and she´s from Indiana. Also she´s actually going to Fortaleza with me so that´s pretty swaggy. It's been weird adjusting to being with a different person 24/7. I'm sure I'll get used to her soon enough.

1/2 way through the CTM! Time is dragging and flying at the same time. Weird stuff.

Eu amo vocês e sinto falta para vocês!!

Love from Brazil,

Sister Chamberlain


Hey you know what are cool?? LETTERS! Write me, homies.

Sister Calla Chamberlain

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