A Hundred Tiny Little Miracles!

Bom Dia!

What a cool week!

We found a bunch of names to work with in the area book this week. But we didn't have much to go on as far as addresses, but we had like a hundred tiny little miracles! Like one of them, we were looking for the house of a different contact and we knocked one door and started talking to a girl asking her if she knew the contact. She didn´t, so i decided to ask her if she knew Gabriele, a name from the area book who lived in the same neighborhood. TURNS OUT THIS GIRL WAS GABRIELE AND WE FOUND HER HOUSE BY ACCIDENT SLASH NOT REALLY BY ACCIDENT BECAUSE HEAVENLY FATHER´S JUST ORGANIZING EVERYTHING PERFECTLY. So yeah. That was really cool. That happened like three other times this week.

I LOVE THE RESTORATION. I used to get nervous teaching it first but now it´s like the only thing I want to teach! Haha! I LOVE IT. It´s so cool. Joseph Smith is a true homie. And a prophet of God. He´s a true homie and a prophet of God--aka--he´s really cool.

We´re getting a lot more support from the members in the branch so that´s super great <3

I like speaking Portuguese and eating coxinhas.

In other news, it continues to rain and we had another bat in our apartment this week :) I think they´re just using echolocation to look for the Spirit.

The Church is True <3

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain