The Rains Came Down and the Bugs Came Out

Bom Dia Bom Dia!!

This week POURED rain. i loved it <3

The only thing about the rain is it brings out all kinds of freaky bugs........ (tries not to cry).

But I definitely feel more one with nature. Our apartment is like a little mini jungle. We even have a little lizard that lives somewhere in the wall and makes friendly appearances. But he´s a homie and eats the mosquitos so he´s chill.

In other news, i ate chicken liver this week. Did i know i was eating chicken liver? No. Am I glad I was unaware of this little detail? Com certeza.

We went to Fortaleza for the worldwide missionary broadcast this week and it was soooo good. #teachrepentence #baptizeconverts

We´ve been working a lot with Sara this week. Sara is a rockstar and a half. Her husband is less active in the church and she's related to an awesome family in our branch. She knows everything. She´s read everything. (like even Jesus the Christ. Okay, I haven´t even finished doing that yet.) So obviously we love her. She always tells us that the only thing she has left to do is get baptized. The only thing now is helping her recognize an answer to her prayer and helping her gather the courage to pull the trigger (because her family is super Catholic and will give her a super hard time about getting baptized). So yeah, that´s Sara. She´s the best.

So this week I was reading in 2 Nephi and thinking a lot about the Prophet. At this point in the Book of Mormon, Lehi is the prophet and is getting pretty close to dying so he´s giving his final counsel to his children. Lehi was super cool and super amigos with the Lord. He saw all kinds of stuff in visions and knew in great detail the plan of salvation and tons of other doctrine. And yet his final counsel was so simple (2 Nephi 2:28). And I realized that it´s very near to the same counsel we receive from our Prophet today. Like Lehi, President Monson surely comprehends very well the mysteries of God. But his counsel is the same counsel as Lehi´s: Trust in Christ, keep the commandments, be faithful, and choose the path of eternal life. It is so simple and so true!

Loving being a missionary

Loving the rain

Loving the lizards

Loving the chicken liver

Loving the gospel!


Com muito amor de Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain