Call me MOM!



This week was cool because I turned into a mom!! (I have a "daughter" now--aka my little greenie comp). Sister Breisch is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. She likes working so I´m all over that. We´re going to destroy. She´s from São Paulo and we have the same birthday (destiny?).

I´ve been able to see Heavenly Father blessing us with so many little miracles throughout the day. I feel the quiet whisperings of the Spirit coming with greater ease and more frequently. I am learning so much.

I´m loving this ward more and more everyday. Everyone is so great.

The work is starting to blossom. I can see so many people with so much potential. We went to visit a young woman with Camyli from the ward and it didn´t work out because she wasn´t home but Camyli was like - hey my friend lives one street over! Let´s go there!

So we went and turns out that Camyli´s friend is actually so interested in the gospel and we´ve had 2 really spiritual lessons with her. She went to church with her sister yesterday and the two of them received confirmations from Heavenly Father that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he restored the Lord´s church. They both have baptismal dates for the 16th and I´m actually so pumped.

It has been hard to see people drowning in their difficulties. If they would just take a step they would fall into Heavenly Father´s loving embrace. And yet they do not act. We promise blessings and plead with them and invite them to just experiment with the promises of heaven. And they trust not. Blinded by their struggles and suffering they fail to see how the Savior is so close and willing to relieve them, if they would just come unto Him (Matthew 11:28).

Faith isn´t really faith unless we put it into action (James 2:26). We may pray every single day for God to send rain. But if we don´t leave the house with an umbrella, do we really have faith?

The Lord will never fail us. If we do what He asks of us, the promises of heaven will be forever around us.

The gospel is so great <3

Love from Brasil,