Oh Remember, Remember

Bom Dia!!

This week killed (in a good way). We´re pumped. Jamyli and Daniel have an officially official wedding and baptismal date (YAS), we found a brother-and-sister duo that are awesome and came to church with us on Sunday! And our investigator, who I will be nicknaming Marty because his name is crazy, is starving for more and more truth! We love teaching him. These next few weeks are gonna be "top".


I was pumped out of my mind to vote and I had my absentee ballot all ready to roll (#patriotic) and then I read that my letter had to be at the Placer County voting place by this Friday. So I gave up on it because Brasil is 5ever away and there´s no way it would get there in 4 days. I just wanted to be a good citizen :(



This weekend was awesome because our homie Roberto received his answer at church! He has been praying for a few days to know if the Book of Mormon is true and he said that yesterday he went to church for the first time but he felt like he´d already been there before. He said it felt familiar. In John 14, we learn about the Comforter who brings things to our remembrance. In the Premortal existence we heard the gospel and the plan presented, and accepted it. We have passed through forgetfulness and now must remember what we already know to be true. That is when the Holy Ghost helps us feel what is right. That is why the gospel feels familiar and true to new visitors like Roberto. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and I love that it can help us in everything we do



Love from Brasil,

Sister CHamberlain