I'm Getting Transfered

Bom Dia!!!

I´m getting transferred to the city of Fortaleza! I´ll be companions with Sister Benevides in Monte Castelo (a neighborhood area within the city of Fortaleza) Terrified? Maybe.

This week was really good!

We had a cool activity called Bolo Macho. Then men have to bring a cake and the women have to judge whose is best. My kind of activity. <3

Cal 2-15-16.jpg

We´re finding all kinds of wonderful people!

NOSSA. we´re teaching a girl named Maria E! Maria E is wonderful. Like, so wonderful it hurts. She´s 12 years old and is super smart. She´s already halfway through 1 Nephi and understands everything she read. She asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon was true and received a peaceful confirmation. She has a strong desire to be baptized aaannnnd I love her. Super pumped for her progress.

This week I was reading an article in the Liahona about learning how to find happiness from the Book of Mormon, and now i LOVE 4 Nephi 1. Verse 16 describes the people as the happiest of all of the people created by the hand of God. So obviously i was like, whoa, how did they manage that? Luckily, chapter 1 had all the answers. They repented, were baptized, married and had families, served one another, didnpt have contentions, kept the commandments, fasted and prayed, and went to curch. I´m sure all of these things were the source for their happiness. They lived the way God wanted them to live and we blessed with the joy God designed them to have. It´s perfect. the gospel is perfect <3

Feeling grateful

Feeling excited

Feeling ready to learn :)

LOADS of love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain