My New BFF Pen Pal, CLARK.


First things first: I HAVE A NEPHEW AND HE´S PERFECT. The cheeks, people. the cheeks.

Meet my new BFF pen pal, Clark. Yes, he´s beautiful.

This week was AWESOME.

I´m LOVING Monte Castelo and Sister Benevides. The city is practically America after living in Paracuru for 5 months. hahaha Seriously it's super different but I LOVE my companion. SIster Benevides. She´s a homie.  It´s great, she´s great, and yesterday I ate the best carne of my entire life... so I´m great.

It has been pouring this week. The streets turned into rivers. Seriously, it was up to my calf.

We´re currently teaching a rockstar named Diego. He´s dating a woman in the ward who recently started back to church. They´re wonderful. it´s really cool to see his progress and see how prepared he is. He loves the church, he already prayed and received a confirmation, and he´s super excited for his baptism this weekend. He rocks.

We´re also teaching a woman named Diva. I love her, if for no other reason, because her name is Diva. But she´s also really great so that´s cool.

I love tapioca (idk how to explain it... it´s this flour stuff that turns into a tortilla when it gets hot. It's basically the consistency of a gummy worm...) and fruit (the fruit here rocks. I will live in Brazil forever just to eat guavas)

Lunch is always with members here. Yesterday was feijoada and rice, farofa, and literally the best pork I´ve ever had in my whole life. (remember that one time I thought I was going to lose weight in Brazil? lol)

also coxinhas <3

Being a missionary is really great and happy. I love Portuguese and teaching the gospel.

Loving Jacob 3:1-2 (Book of Mormon)

Trust in God and everything will be alright <3

Love from Brasil (seriously. so much love <3),

Sister Chamberlain