Six Months! And a Great Week!

6 Months!

Whoa. That´s so crazy.


For starters,

I ate panelada. If you don´t know what panelada is, consider yourself blessed. It´s cow intestines, and it´s disgusting. I also tried mocotó, which is actually really good! especially if you don´t know what it is. It´s a soup made from cow hoof. I LITERALLY ATE HOOF NERVES. Last but not least we tried carneiro aka sheep meat, which was delicious. It wasn´t too crazy. Heck, after hoof nerves it was as normal as a chicken nugget.

A few updates on what my Pre- Day is like:
We don´t do much shopping, just groceries. We usually go back to the house and write letters and take naps Haha. Although last week was a bit more exciting... I ate some interesting things at a very Denio´s-like market.

We are walking lots here but it´s easier because all of the roads are paved. In Paracuru, everything was cobblestone and dirt. Now, we have lunches with members literally every day which is super different. In Paracuru, we were lucky to have 2 during the week. The people are a lot less humble here but, in a way its good because when you find investigators, you find the great ones who are prepared, not just every single contact in the street who lets you into their house, like in Paracuru.

Diego was baptized and confirmed this week! He´s a rockstar and we love him. Mazé also got confirmed yesterday finally after like a month of being baptized. She´s 77 and hilarious. We had to make a pit stop at the steakhouse on the way to the chapel Sunday morning so she could go to the bathroom... I´ll spare the details on that little story. hahaha. But seriously I love Mazé. 

We found a golden couple while we were out with one of the members. All of our scheduled lessons fell through and we couldn´t find the street we needed to go to. It was kind of a mess and we were feeling frustrated, when the member asked us if we could go visit Antonio and Edilsa (parents ofyouth in the ward). Everything fell into place after that. They´re amazing and super excited to follow their children to the church and get baptized. For as the heavens are higher than the Earth, so are his ways higher than ours. God´s plans are perfect <3 It´s super humbling to be a part of the preparation and the conversion of someone so prepared by God.

THEY ARE SO WONDERFUL.  They´re perfect and I'm real pumped to watch them get sealed next year <3

I love being a missionary and I love the Gospel!

Love From Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain