Faith First

Bom Dia!!


Somebody please tell me you drank a free slurpee for me on 7/11

This week was super exciting. For starters, my homie Sister Rosbach came home on Monday night with news that she has a scorpion (aka a guy who´s not just interested in the gospel...). Anyways we were all sad/nervous because usually when this happens there´s an emergency transfer. But we just waited it out to see what would happen. Tuesday morning we all piled on the Ônibus to head to Fortaleza for a Zone Conference (which was amazing). We got to see all of the other sisters and then everyone went to get dinner at McDonalds (KitKat Mcflurries are a big deal).

Wendesday night we packed up and headed back to Itapipoca <3

Since Sister Rosbach´s got a scorpion, we had to make a little switch up... so she stayed in my area with Sister Mish and I went with her comp, Sister L. Santos to the other side of Itapipoca all Thursday and Friday. It was awesome! They have lots of really great investigators that I got to meet aaaaaand also Sister Santos took me to a place that sells the best coxinha in Ceará. I know I´ve said this of other coxinhas, but I was wrong before. This one took the ...frier? okay.

Our investigator Karen got an answer this week! Karen´s mom was baptized about 20 years ago but then fell away from the church, married, had three daughters, everything. A few weeks ago we found her and she told us that she had been baptized. umm what? you bet we visited her. We´re currently teaching her whole family. Anyways, Karen has been reading the Book of Mormon and praying everyday to know if it´s true. She still hadn´t felt anything so we did a little experiment with her and everybody knelt down and we had her pray with us there on the spot and then take 1 minute at the end to sit and feel. She told us she felt a strong energy and a happy light inside of her. She said she felt her answer. Yes, I cried.

I was thinking a lot about faith this week. Reading in Ether this week, I liked that faith always precedes miracles. Answers, signs, miracles, cures, none of it can happen if we don´t have faith first. I love seeing fruits of faith in the work. Finding amazing investigators, watching them use their faith to love the gospel. It´s perfect.


Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain