The Power of Our Agency

Bom Dia!!


This week was a week of walking. I´m pretty sure I walked at least 50 miles this week.

But we also had lots of fun. Sister Rosbach celebrated 1 year in the mission, so of course we ordered pizza and cake :)

I spent lots of time in the other area this week with Sister Santos again. We´ve been teaching Felipe who´s progressing toward baptism and Luan who´s so great! I´m really excited to hear what happens with them. 


Time´s short today but I´ve been thinking a lot this week about something I read in one of Sheri Dew´s talks. She said that there is only one thing the power of God and the power of Satan have in common: Neither can influence us unless we allow them to. I´ve been able to see this almost every day. This week we went to visit a less active kid who got baptized last year. I had to keep it together to not cry in the lesson, because he had distanced himself so far from God, and given into his doubts to the point of negating that God even exists. I felt so sad for him. He had seen the fruits of faith in his life and then all of a sudden he let all of it go. But faith is truly a choice we make every day. Our agency is powerful. We can choose to let God´s grace work in our lives and see the miracles or give in to skepticism and temptations. It´s a lot of trust that God gives us to believe and to always do what´s right. I´m grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who blesses us and takes care of every aspect even when we are blind to His love. I love the Gospel. I love being a missionary. I LOVE BRASIL. A LOT.


Love From Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain