Portuguese Is My Jam, Chicken Hearts Are Not

Bom Dia!!

This week flewww

Tuesday was a miracle day on the language front. I´ve been fighting my whole mission (and life actually) to be able to roll my Rs. Then all of a sudden on Tuesday I was like wait a sec. I´m able to say "pra" which is the shorter version of "para"... so maybe I´ll be able to say "tra" with the right R sound if I sit here trying to say "tara" really fast. I´m pretty sure my comp was super annoyed with me on Tuesday hahha because I only said "tara" all day long in the street. And then, it started happening! it´s like a super weak R but at least it´s better than it was before. So yea, I was hecka pumped about that. Also, I realized that Heavenly Father is so good because I wanted so desperately to speak Spanish before, but Portuguese is waay better. I would be so frustrated in Spanish with all of the Rs that they roll. Portuguese is my jam.

Wednesday I gave my first treinamento (training) in our district meeting and it actually worked out okay. Haha. We did that Holy Ghost dynamic game that rocks when you´re in Primary—where one person closes their eyes and another guides them across the room whispering while everyone else makes a ton of noise and creates obstacles. Nobody grows out of Primary <3

The Olympics are on everybody's TVs here. I'll have to watch it when I get back home. I'm collecting the Olympic coins. Brazil has these limited edition ones with all the sports. There's like 18 and I've collected 9 so far. 

Hey, I tried a new freaky thing! I ate chicken heart this week. Kinda gross... I don´t recommend it. Haha. But it was pretty good for a street shishkabob.

This week was a little slow but toward the end we started finding some new people. We gotta keep following up to make sure they keep being solid. We were sad because our baptism fell through this week. But this next week´s gonna be show.

I loved what Sheri Dew said about repentance:

“Repentance is, frankly, just plain smart, because sin makes you stupid: Stupid because you are deaf, dumb, and blind to the ways of the Lord. Stupid because habitual sin drives the Spirit away, leaving you outside the protective influence of the Holy Ghost. Stupid because it makes you incapable of drawing upon the powers of heaven. Being stupid costs a lot.

Sin costs a lot, too. It can cost time, money, peace of mind, progress, self-respect, your integrity and virtue, your family, the trust of those you love, and even your Church membership.

Sin is just plain stupid. And the cost is off the charts. So repent now. Repent daily. If you want to be sanctified, repentance is not optional.

Obedience, on the other hand, is brilliant, and its fruits are endless—one of which is happiness. The only way that I know to be happy is to live the gospel.”

I love that we can try again and again and again to be better. He requires our obedience but when we fall short, which we always will, he only wants us to try again. We can always start over. When we repent, God promises to forget our sins. To Him, it´s as if they never even happened. We can be cleansed and sanctified and made new through the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I love this glorious truth <3

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain
p.s. No pictures. For the 5th time, the computer shack destroyed my flash drive with all of my pictures.