The Glowing Side Street & the Guy that Looks Like my Dad

Bom Dia!!

Quad Squad

Quad Squad

This week was exciting!

Before the transfer, I made a huge bet with Sister Rosbach. I was positive that Adam Sandler was the guy in Night at the Museum and she was positive that Ben Stiller was the guy in Night at the Museum. I was so sure, I put $R100 to the fancy chocolate store on the table. I LOST! and we bought lots of chocolate hahahahaha Brazilian money rocks because that´s only like $25US bucks. Holler.

I got transferred again! I´m back in the city of Fortaleza and we´re hittin´ in Big. The neighborhood is called Jardim Guanabara and it's awesome. The area is a big triangle and there are lots of little streets and lots of little homes. My comp is a native of Brasil named Sister Pontes. She´s 31 years old from Curitiba, Paraná (a big city in Southern Brazil).

This week was a little slow, getting to know everybody and the area. We were really excited for Rosália to be baptized yesterday, but it didn´t work out, so we´re trying to help her feel more comfortable for this coming weekend. Saturday was awesome because while we were walking, we passed by a little side street and seriously it was like it was glowing. We started knocking on all of the doors and met Ausenir. Turns out she´s been inactive for 30 years and now lives with her boyfriend Raimundo. We started the lesson and seriously this guy is awesome. First, he looks a lot like dad which is spooky (But like obviously dad is way more handsome). But anyways, the spirit was super powerful. I like Raimundo because he studies the Bible a lot. We taught him about prophets and the apostasy and the restoration and he was so focused and interested. We showed him how everything is based on the Bible and how he can pray to confirm if it´s true. He was excited to get his very own Book of Mormon to start reading. I love how Heavenly Father uses us to find his children. It is so strange to be an instrument without even realizing it and then looking back and seeing His inspiration. 

I love the gospel. I love the Book of Mormon!

Thank you for the love and support from so many friends and family. I appreciate the emails and letters I have received! I love you all!

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain