If You Pray for Rain, Take Your Umbrella


This week was top

Wednesday was Brazilian Independence Day and we had a big service project with our zone. We went door to door informing people about the Zika mosquito and helping them take the steps to avoid disease and seek medical treatment at the first sign of symptoms. This Zika thing is crazy. Luckily we bathe in repellent <3

I realized how crazy patriotic Americans are because I think I only saw one Brazilian flag in the street and maybe heard 2 fireworks explode. It was a weak celebration, but at least I´m learning the national anthem- haha

We found an awesome couple this week! Daniel is an inactive member and lives with his girlfriend, Jamile. JAMILE IS AMAZING AND I LOVE HER. Anyways, she already received and answer and is so excited to get baptized after she gets married. Oh yeah! They´re going to get married!! #CASAMENTO YAASSS.

She went to church all done up and beautiful yesterday and said she wants to get baptized as soon as possible. She´s wonderful.

We were super pumped for yesterday because our friend Lucielton was all prepped and ready to be baptized. But at the last second he decided he wasn´t ready. He took off and never showed up to his baptism. It was kind of a huge bummer, but we´re hoping to help him feel more comfortable for this next week.

We learned a lot about faith this week. I remember a few months ago Pres. Bonini said to me - you can pray all day for God to send rain, but if you don´t leave the house with an umbrella, do you think you really have faith? 

If we don´t put our faith into action, our "faith" is of little worth. We must trust in God and act. I realized this week that only by acting in faith can we see God´s miracles. 

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain