12 Months

Bom Dia!


This week was CrAzY

We had an Area 70 come to our mission (Elder Geraldo Lima) and we had a huge mission conference with him and it was awesome. 

Zone Conference - August 2016

Zone Conference - August 2016

About 2 weeks ago, the  Assistant to the President's (AP's) called Sister Andersen and Sister Andrade to tell them that the day before the conference, Elder Geraldo Lima would be coming to the area to spend the day proselyting with them. Well about a week later, the AP's called again and said that since Sister Andersen would have complete a self-sufficiency training because she´s finishing her mission this week, Elder Geraldo Lima would be going proselyting with Sister Pontes and me. (cue nervous stomach)

We cleaned and fasted and prepared to not cry in front of him - haha

Thursday morning, we were all prepped (kinda) and ready to go (as much as you can be to go proselyting with a 70 and your mission president). We spent the whole day nervous and trying to be the best missionaries on the planet as we waiting anxiously for the phone call saying they had arrived. At about 6:30pm, the cell rang and we both had a heart attack. It was Sister Bonini. She told us that they were super far out and there wouldn´t be time to make it out to our area that day.

So that´s the story of how I almost went on splits with a 70.

Sister Mish and me at Zone Conference

Sister Mish and me at Zone Conference

So that was exciting.

This week we have been pondering a lot about authority.

How Christ came with great power and authority to do everything He did, and gave this same authority to His apostles. The authority to act in God´s name. By this authority, He let the blind see and the lame walk. He multiplied bread, returned life to the dead, and commanded all to follow Him. He organized a perfect church, His church, that all could receive the ordinances of salvation, such as baptism. All of these things were to be executed by His perfect authority. But when He was sacrificed, and all of His apostles were also killed shortly after, this authority died with them. It did not exist on the Earth, and the power to act in the name of God was lost. Nobody could be healed in God´s name. Nobody could be baptized for the remission of sins. The world was trapped in darkness for centuries because the people had rejected the world´s greatest Prophet - The Savior, Jesus Christ. But God, in His infinite love and goodness, gave light to the Earth again, and called a young prophet to restore the organization of the Church of Christ. He gave to Joseph Smith the same power and authority, with the promise that never again will the authority be taken from the Earth. It is complete. Miracles exist today by this same power, and men can be cleansed from sin by the ordinance of baptism. This is the truth, and oh, how I love it. 

The perfect church of Christ has been restored! I know it.

What a miracle <3

LOTS of love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain