I Am So Happy


Okay, I´m calm.

But seriously, this week was awesome.

We had a huge mission conference on Wednesday. We knew something big was up because usually we have divided conferences - the city and the interior. But this one was everyone together and we were advised that there would be a worldwide missionary transmission from Salt Lake.

Big news, the missionary daily schedule got a remodel. It´s deluxe. Instead of planning at night when we get home, we can go straight to getting ready for bed <3 and now we plan in the morning. Pday was also extended, now starting at 8am instead of 10am.

So that was a big switch. So far it has been great.

The rest of Wednesday we had conference with President Bonini (who´s the best person EVER) and I was asked to give a training with Sister Myers entitled "be of good cheer!". It was really fun and went well. We talked about excitement and happiness and faith and finding the good even when it seems like there is none. I made everyone hold up their hands in the shape of triangles (shout out to Kovar´s <3) and we talked about our windows of optimism. 

President and Sister Bonini

President and Sister Bonini

Karla got baptized yesterday and it was BEAUTIFUL.



Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain