Frog Prince


Bom Dia!!

This week was like lightning 

Monday and Tuesday I caught a weird 24 hour flu with the works. But by Wednesday morning I was all good and normal again. So glad that passed.

This week we have been working closely with a really awesome family! Emanoele who´s 12 and her mom, Vania. I love these ladies. They went to church with us last week and loved it. Emanoele is preparing to be baptized in two more weeks. We want to help her mom too, but she lives with her husband and he said he doesn´t want to get married... so we have to wait on that one for now. 

Karla! Karla is our neighbor and is so happy! We love Karla. She went to church with us yesterday and said she felt so happy and welcomed. It was awesome. And we had a surprise guest waiting at our sacrament meeting – Mission President Bonini! He was the last speaker and he killed it. I love that man. 

Karla is preparing to be baptized next weekend! 

Preface: This week I started getting a bunch of crap from all the sisters and the members about how I´m getting close to getting home, how they´ll all be waiting to get my wedding invitations in a few weeks and blah blah blah.

This morning I woke up and came to my desk and there was an old plastic water bottle with a post-it on it - "your prince"

I looked at the water bottle and all of a sudden a tiny little frog jumped up on the wall of the water bottle (i screamed haha)

So now i have a little frog friend (we´re going to let him go later today) named Feijão (like the pet frog beans from cheaper by the dozen).

Sister Matos caught him in the street last night hahaha

I love Conjunto Ceará and Sister RIbeiro and the Book of Mormon and being a missionary! This week is going to be awesome.


Love from Brasil

Sister Chamberlain