Feliz Ano Novo!!




This week was a whirlwind.

I went on a surprise division with Sister Cowles. Wow. I love meeting new people that I love right away. She´s awesome. We were suposed to switch back on Saturday morning, but Sister Cowles woke up super sick so i got to take her to the hospital. Turns out she had a strong case of the "nuncas".... 10 days. wow. so she got a special treatment and she´s all fixed haha. 

 New Years Eve was low key. I made cookies.

Sunday we watched the Bible videos with our zone.

I feel like so much has happened and i have nothing to say...


 Learning more and more that love is loyalty. Our loyalty and our obedience is the greatest way we show our love to God (and our mission president <3).

 "Nobody and nothing in this world can impede the blessiongs of God when we´re obedient"

 I really really love Brasil and all of the people and blessings. It is  just so wonderful!

 Happy 2017

 Love from Brasil,

 Sister Chamberlain

Christmas Skype Call 2016

Christmas Skype Call 2016