Diligence = Miracles


Bom Dia!

 I´ve started kind of dreading writing these emails. I feel like lots of stuff has happened and i never know what to write.

We found an awesome girl and her mom this week! When she was 12 she got hit by two stray bullets in her back and lost all function of her legs. She´s now 17 and uses a wheelchair and is super awesome and independent. She told us - if laying in my bed and crying all day would make my legs able to walk, you´d better believe I´d be locked in my room crying. But it won´t change anything being sad and crying about my life, so I´m happy.

We love this family a lot. I´m a little sad because i got transferred  today and I won´t be able to accompany their progress and baptism, but there will be pictures :)

I learned a little bit more about diligence and how miracles only come after the test of our faith. We had all of our plans fall through and no where else to go, but we started knocking on some doors close by and met this lovely girl and her sweet mom. Miracles! Yay.

 Love from Brasil,

SIster chamberlain