I Love These Days


Bom Dia!

Not much to say today.

Conjunto Ceará is awesome!

The smell of baptisms are in the air.

This ward is awesome.

I met a little girl who´s 3 years old who looks exactly like me when i was little. It was crazy! I showed her the picture i have of me and dad when i was 4ish. 

me: "wow! when did you meet my dad?!"
Ruby: "he came over and i met him!"
me: "my dad came here?? did you hug him?"
Ruby: "yeah i did!"

Even she was convinced by the photographic evidence.

cute stuff.

I´m very impressed by the strength of this ward and the power of their recent converts. All of the recent converts have callings. It´s so great!

Loving these days

Love from Brasil,

Sister Chamberlain